Valentin is a Master’s student in communication systems, an astronomy enthusiast, and is passionate about singing. He also works as a customer service representative at Digitec Galaxus. As a more recent addition to the team, he is the secretary of YANA, and is also a part of the marketing team – involved in social media handling for example. Valentin’s favourite part of YANA is the team, as everyone is very interesting, and each member plays an important and unique role. He feels that he has not faced challenges as big as the ones faced by members who have been in YANA since the beginning, but thinks it is difficult sometimes to find exactly what he needs to do, what to focus on, and what direction would be best for us, as well as for the people we aim to help. That being said, he has learnt some valuable skills and ways to work and develop ideas as a team, and is still learning a lot in every meeting, and everytime we work together. Thanks to the effort of our great team!