Tanika is a PhD candidate in Neuroscience, and is passionate about animals and social activism. At YANA, she is the treasurer, making her in charge of keeping accounts and  keeping track of funds and funding. Since more recently, she is also the Marketing Lead, which involves social media posts, as well as growing our online community. In addition, she is also a part of the Strategy team. 

So far, the biggest challenge she has faced was being able to manage her time properly while doing a PhD. Taking on an appropriate amount of work so she doesn’t get overwhelmed has been strenuous at times, but worth it, and a great learning.

Her favourite aspect of our journey so far has been the team – working with people who are passionate about the same thing, with valuable expertise in different areas has been amazing and eye-opening. She feels she really had to learn how to step out of her comfort zone, and gain understanding in account management, marketing and strategising. It has all been very fascinating and she is excited for the future of YANA!

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