Sara is a Project Manager and Business Analyst at CreativMinds, and will soon be starting her Master’s of Science and Learning and Teaching Technologies. At YANA, she is a Swiss army knife and occupies several roles. During the first year, she managed the development team, was involved in development, organising workshops, and participated in research and strategy. Since we started our second year, we have restructured the team and decided on a new direction for YANA’s strategy. In our new structure, she mainly has the role of President and Product Manager. 

For Sara, our journey has been full of challenges she loved. One of the aspects she liked the most was learning how to really take care of a team and ensure everyone’s wellbeing. She also loved the contact we were lucky enough to have with professionals in the field. But her favourite part was setting up a collaborative workshop to decide on our strategy, what we wanted to develop, and to now be able to see a brilliant goal emerging on the horizon. She is very much looking forward to working on it in the next few months! 
The biggest challenge for Sara has been to stay motivated and manage her time. YANA was not anticipated – it happened in our already busy lives, and quickly started to take up a lot of time. She had to learn to organise herself, in order to be able to do everything. But the hardest part was the periods of time when no one had the time or the inclination. To get us out of these times, great efforts have been made to restructure the teams and decide together where we really wanted to go. 

In terms of technical knowledge and management, Sara said she has learnt a lot. The most important lesson being that the team is the heart of the project, that each team member has incredible abilities and that in order to use these abilities, she had to learn not to do everything herself. So in the end, her learning was to delegate, to trust, and learn to rely on others as they do on her!