Having just graduated from the University of Geneva with a degree in Information Systems and Science of Services, Marcy is now working in data analytics. She also loves drawing and sports. She is a part of the marketing team, and was part of the development and strategy team until she started working. She has also had the chance to code a little for YANA, to experiment on design, and to participate in numerous workshops.

She has found that the most challenging aspect of our project is that even if we have a professional approach to YANA, it is difficult to work this way due to the heaviness of the theme of domestic violence. So we cannot really detach our thoughts from the difficulties and hardships of this domain.

She has truly loved each and every part of our journey – starting with our excitement of winning hackathons, to our experiments with the platform and its design, as well as the unexpected conclusions we had after our workshops. What she really enjoyed is creating strong connections within our team, and seeing the strengths of her colleagues and friends. She appreciates the talents that we have because we can always learn something from each other. It is an amazing people when you are surrounded by the people you can trust!

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