WINNERS OF TWO HACKATHONS provides a safe space to access canton-specific emergency contact information and support to help victims. Additionally, our participative web platform aims to connect domestic abuse victims, witnesses and professionals through discussion forums.

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Users can create an account to participate in discussions: this can be done with an alias for victims/other users, while experts can register with an accredited account. Altogether, will provide information, support and advice to anyone who needs it.

Who we are

A team of 9 passionate people from various fields who came together during the
Versus Virus Switzerland hackathon with the aim of domestic violence prevention. Over 48 hours, we created a prototype of our novel solution: (you are not alone), and were selected as one of the highlights of the event. From this, we secured a preliminary grant of 1000CHF with the possibility of further funding. As we are addressing this urgent topic, we have been interviewed by ​ CNN Money Switzerland​ and ​ Migros magazine​.